17th Symposium - Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando, FL October 22, 2018 - October 25, 2018

17th Symposium

Architecture in Motion (2MB)

A Unique Vertical Lift Bridge to Replace Newfoundland’s Only Movable Span (458 KB)

Machinery Repairs to Maintain Operability of an 1890’s Swing Span (1 MB)

Span Drive machinery Vibration: Hood Canal Bridge (1 MB)

Technology from Offshore Jack-Up Vessels to Enhance Movable Bridges (273 KB)

Innovative Temporary Systems for Florida Vertical Lift Rehabilitations (3 MB)

92nd Street Bascule Bridge Repairs (3 MB)

The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Replacement Project (1 MB)

The New North Hero Bascule Bridge (769 KB)

Design of Hydraulic Transfer Bridges (1 MB)

Counterweight Trunnion Bearing Rehabilitation for a Strauss Heel Trunnion Bascule Bridge (3 MB)

Movable Bridge Lightweight Concrete Deck Design & Construction Considerations (305 KB)

NYCDOT Shore Road (Pelham) Bridge (611 KB)

Emergency Strauss Bascule Link Pin Repair – Seabrook Bascule Bridge (938 KB)

Orthotropic Steel Deck for Short Span Movable Bridges (994 KB)

E-Chain Dynamic Cable Management Systems (1 MB)

Rapid Replacement of Bayou Sara Bridge Swing Span (2 MB)

Construction Engineering for the Adams Street Bascule Bridge and Viaduct Rehabilitation in Chicago (844 KB)

 Motor Upsizing (174 KB)

Minnesota Slip Pedestrian Bridge (108 KB)

Mitigation of Cracks in Sheave Trunnions for the Burlington Bristol Bridge (1 MB)

Accelerated Construction Technique: Moving Entire Bridge Using Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT) Tamiami Canal Bridge Replacement (4.5 MB)

Obtaining Acceptable Load Sharing & Gear Action without a Differential(924 KB)

The A11 Bascule Bridge (666 KB)

The Broadway Bridge Rall Wheel Replacement Project (5 MB)

Solid Modeling: the What, the How, the Why (49 KB)

Selection Criteria for Bearings and Housings in Heavy Movable Structures (374 KB)

Retrofit of a Rolling Leaf Bascule Bridge – Laurel, Delaware (585 KB)

Hydraulic Power Trends (1 MB)

Hood River Lift Bridge: Unique Solutions to Interesting Problems (3 MB)