Serving on a technical committee is a great way to get involved with HMS, is the way I started with my active involvement. If you think you may be interested in assisting with these duties, please contact the Vice President  or one of the committee chairs directly.


Technical Committee Chairs:

Technical Committee Chairman – Jon Hnrichsen (

Fluid Power Systems Chairman – Doug Diaz (

Electrical/Electronic Systems Committee – Greg Baron – (

Machinery /Mechanisms Chairman – Matthew McGuire (

Performance/Construction/Maintenance Chairman – Christopher Samford (

Structural Elements Chairman – George Patton (

Ownership/Public Use and Management Chairman – Jon Henrichsen (


Structural Elements




Ownership/Public Use & Management




Fluid Power Systems


Electrical / Electronic Systems

2020 Biennial Movable Bridge Symposium

October 12 - 15, 2020, New ORLEANS, LA.