Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board

Mr. James Alison
Steward Machine Company
Phone: 205-841-6461

Vice Chairman

Mr. Steve Mikucki
Hardesty & Hanover
Phone: 475-238-6209

Board Members (2019-2024)


Iqbal Biln
St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.
Phone: 905-641-1932

Mickey Harrison
Phone: 816-674-2111

Rich Marchetti
Total Control Systems, LLC
Phone: 802-733-7155 

Bob Frawley
CMI-Promex, Inc.
Phone: 366-207-0565

Tim Klein
WireCo World Group
Phone: 816-270-4753

Redus Brooks
Modjeski and Masters
Phone: 717-790-9565

Rick Rodriguez
Phone: 816-261-6639

Board Members (2023-2026)

Zhengzheng (Jenny) Fu
Louisiana DOTD
Phone: 225-938-4669

Charles L. Debardeleben
Steward Machine Company
Phone: 205-613-0484

Emily Miletech
Multnomah County
Phone: 503-544-5894

Tyler D. Vander Linden
KWH Constructors, Inc.
Phone: 206-380-6888

Ray Lopez
Hardesty & Hanover
Phone: 646-510-2176

Michael J. Parciasepe 
Phone: 973-307-8412

Brandon Hinson
PCL Civil Constructors
Phone: 407-956-9640

Robert J. Tosolt
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Phone: 973-307-8412

Heavy Movable Structures, Inc.

HMS is a not-for-profit technical organization of volunteers focusing on the heavy civil facilities utilized by or for the public benefit, with emphasis on, but not limited to, movable bridges.

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