10th Symposium - Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate, Orlando, FL October 25, 2004 - October 28, 2004


Innovative Design Concepts for Boston’s New Chelsea Street Bridge (2.2 MB)

Sheridan Street Bascule Bridge Repair (46 MB)

Lift-Slide Drawbridge with the Varying Force Counterweight (1.2 MB)

Plain Journal Machinery Bearings Subjected to Heavy Loads (13 MB)

Replacement of the Route 7 Bridge over the Passaic River (11 MB)

Balancing and Synchronizing a Twin Leaf Bascule Bridge Composed of Six Leaves (620 KB)

East Half Replacement: Hood Canal Bridge (771 KB)

Inspection, Assessment and Repair of Movable Bridges for Local Authorities Using a System Approach (11 MB)

The Future of New York City’s Waterways and Movable Bridges (543 KB)

Unique Way of Replacing Main Counterweight Ropes Burlington Canal Bridge (3.1 MB)

Replacement of the Third Avenue Bridge Over the Harlem River (499 KB)

Reconstruction of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge Over the Maumee River-Toledo, Ohio-Planning, Design and Construction Considerations (665 KB)

Spuyten Duyvil Emergency Response to Navigation Strikes (11 MB)

Reconstruction of the Third Avenue Bridge Over the Harlem River in New York City (836 KB)

Design and Construction Challenges of the Alteration of the Florida Avenue Bascule Bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Vertical Lift Bridge Under the Truman Hobb’s Act (31 MB)

Electronic Bridge Span Monitoring (5 MB)

Two Temporary Vertical Lift Bridges on Route 3A over the Fore River, Ma (12 MB)

“A Comparison of Steel Castings vs. Forgings for Long Structural Components” or “How to Separate Fact from Fiction” (391 KB)

Foundation Strengthening of Bascule Piers at the Bridge of Lions (2.4 MB)

Seismic Analysis and Retrofit of Roosevelt Island Vertical Lift Bridge (407 KB)

BNSF Bridge 14.2 Live Load Bearing Replacement (303 KB)

Energy Absorbing Live Load Shoes and Anchorages for Bascule Bridges (16 MB)

Innovative Design of Linkage-Counterweight Ferry Transfer Span System (635 KB)

Swing Bridges over the Lower Harlem River New York City (9.9 MB)

Rehabilitation of the Historic Bridge of Lions (1 MB)

Stillwater Vertical Lift Bridge Rehabilitation (466 KB)

Miller Park: Pivot Bearing Replacement (10 MB)

End Lift Machinery for Swing Bridges (There’s More Than One Way to Lift a Span) (7.6 MB)

Design of Machinery for Pamunkey Bridge (Route 33 Over Pamunkey River, West Point, VA) (1.2 MB)

Millennium Transfer Span Operating Machinery, a Standard Approach (8.6 MB)

Adjustable Speed Solid State Drives for Heavy Movable Structures (233 KB)

Generator Selection for Movable Bridges (66 KB)

Movable Bridge Control Systems: Simulation, Testing, Verification and Methods (2.2 MB)

Induction Motor Control (284 KB)

Reliable Sensing for Heavy Moving Structures (158 KB)

Safe Drive and Control System for Movable Link Spans and Passenger Walkways (7.2 MB)

Computerized Simulation Optimizes Hydraulic Drive System Design and Performance (19 MB)

Best Practices and Common Pitfalls with Hydraulic Drive Systems (28 MB)

Moving Heavy Structures with Pump Controlled Hydraulics (4.9 MB)

Repair and Redesign of the Spokane Street Bridge Lift / Turn Cylinders (39 MB)

Hydraulic Drive for Great Bridge (1.3 MB)

Moving and Controlling of Very Large Unstable Structure in a Submerged Water Environment (18 MB)

Development of Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motors and Direct Drive Technology for HMS (2.5 MB)