16th Symposium - Tampa Marriott Waterside, Tampa, FL September 19, 2016 - September 22, 2016

16th Symposium

Failsafe Controls (110 KB)

Future Technologies to Move & Control Heavy Structures (509 KB)

Technologies for Protecting Critical Electrical and Control Systems (693 KB)

Evolution of Modern Hydraulic Drive Systems (736 KB)

Hydraulic Drives get Connected (456 KB)

Teglavaerks Bridge (2.9 MB)

Advances in Metalworking technology for Heavy Movable Structures (298 KB)

Applying Technology and Maintenance Practices to Maximize Uptime (556 KB)

Counterweight Sheave Trunnion Rehabilitation (1.9 MB)

Gasparilla Island Swing Bridge Replacement (754 KB)

Gearbox Maintenance and Lubrication (31 KB)

Mechanical Details in Detail (31 KB)

Mechanical Rehabilitation of the Houghton-Hancock Vertical Lift Bridge (1.4 MB)

Safeco Field Movable Staidium Roof Bogie System Repair (2.2 MB)

Strauss Heel Trunnion Repairs Jacksonville Bridge (2.6 MB)

Three Mile Creek Pivot Bearing Investigation and Replacement (1.2 MB)

Main Street Bridge Vessel Impact Analysis (3.3 MB)

Structural Health Monitoring of Two Signature Bridges (1.3 MB)

Unionport Bridge Replacement Design Twin Single Leaf Bascule (1004 KB)

Haystack Bridge Repurpose of a Bascule (1.5 MB)

Lagoon Pond Drawbridge Overview (1.3 MB)

Lowering a Cofferdam Alternative Means to Constructing a Cofferdam (4.5 MB)

Metropolitan Avenue Bridge Emergency Contract (1.4 MB)

Support and Stabilization of Double Leaf Bascule Bridges (536 KB)

Alternative Rope Replacement Systems for Movable Bridges (432 KB)

Aluminum Orthotropic Deck a Viable Alternative (1.7 MB)Load Effects of Span Locks on Double Leaf Bascules (1.7 MB)

Orthotropic Steel Deck A Proven Solution for New Uses (1.4 MB)

Vertical Lift Bridge Transverse Load Sharing Interplay of Indexing Imbalance and Complications (1.1 MB)