13th Symposium - Caribe Royal, Orlando, FL October 25, 2010 - October 28, 2010


13th Symposium Booklet – October 25th-28 2010 (2.2 MB)

Rehabilitation & Remote Control Operation of a 115+ Year Old Swing Span (1.1 MB)

Thames River Bridge Replacement (538 KB)

Removing a Bascule Counterweight – Thames River Bridge (546 KB)

Pretoria Avenue Lift Bridge (1.4 MB)

Enclosed Drives for Movable Bridges – Specifications Consistency (123 KB)

Movable Bridge Balance and Counterweight Design Considerations for Designers and Constructors (1.3 MB)

Bridge Number 7 Identifying and Correcting the Errant Roll of a Scherzer Rolling Lift for the Norfolk Southern Railroad (2.2 MB)

The Changing Culture of Wire Rope for Vertical Lift Bridges (3.1 MB)

Mechanical Details in Detail (380 KB)

Pennington Avenue Bridge – Trunnion Bearing Replacement (358 KB)

Small Bridge, Big Challenges – Port Ferdinand Bridge, Barbados, West Indies (303 KB)

Amtrak’s Thames River Movable Bridge Replacement (996 KB)

Integrating Function and Aesthetics on the Miami River – SR7 – NW 5th Street Bridge (1.8 MB)

Design & Construction of the Pont Bacalan-Bastide Vertical Lift (753 KB)

“Out with the Old and In with the New” – Reconstruction of the Ben Sawyer Swing Bridge (1.7 MB)

Rehabilitation of Historic Components at the Bridge of Lions (2.7 MB)

Rehabilitation of Bridge Street Bridge – Preserving a Nineteenth Century Historic Bascule Lift Span (1.2 MB)

Water Street over Eel Pond Channel (369 KB)

Fore River Bridge Replacement Study (2.6 MB)

ANSYS Non-Linear Multi Staging Technique for Shrink Fit Analysis (989 KB)

Emergency Repairs of the I-695 Bridge over Curtis Creek (611 KB)

Counterweight Rope Replacement on the Murry Morgan Lift Bridge (1.1 MB)

Heavy Movable Structure Health Monitoring: Case Study on Bascule Bridge in Ft. Lauderdale (1.1 MB)

Wilson Piggot Bridge Instrumentation and Load Test Evaluation (31 MB)

Heavy Duty Riveted Bridge Deck – AASHTO H20 Loading and Fatigue Test Results (5.9 MB)

Strengthened Bascule Piers for the Newly Rehabilitated Bridge of Lions (1.4 MB)

Link Arm Repair and Counterweight Hanger Fatigue Strengthening for Long Island’s South Shore Bascule Bridges (17 MB)

Lightweight Aluminum Bridge Decks – 40 year history and 72 examples (1.7 MB)