11th Symposium - DoubleTree Hotel at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL November 6, 2006 - November 9, 2006


Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Thinking Outside the Box: Using Small Diameter Sheaves (1 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Failure of the Control System on the East Half of the Hood Canal Bridge (6.8 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Monitoring of Motor and Machinery Brake Status and Performance on Heavy Movable Structures (1.5 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Corrosion Prevention on Motor and Machinery Brakes Installed on Heavy Movable Structures (306 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    The Future in Movable Bridge Control: Fault Tolerant PLC and Remote Operation and Maintenance (2.5 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Relay Based Control Logic Applications and Troubleshooting Methodologies (2.9 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Construction on the PGA Boulevard Bascule Bridge (3.2 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    The Rehabilitation of a Water Control Structure: S310 Navigational Lock (3.3 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Inspection and Repair of Louisiana Movable Bridges Damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Rita (2.2 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    In Place Machining of Trunnion Journals on Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation (653 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Challenges of a Design-Build Bascule Bridge Rehabilitation (21 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Unique Florida Swing Bridge Replacement (9.8 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    More Existing Movable Bridges Utilizing Orthotropic Bridge Decks (5.3 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Miter Rail Improvements: Union Pacific “I” Street and Martinez Bridge (628 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Bascule Leaf Fabrication and Erection Tolerances: Where Structure Meets Machine (1021 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Replacement of 50 Year Old Drive Motors (61 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Unique Operating Mechanism for a Bascule Bridge (781 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Assembly and Erection of Pamunkey River Bridge Bascule Span (715 KB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Mechanical Component of the Residential Engineering and Inspection Program for the Replacement of the Third Avenue Bridge (2.3 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Bridge of Lions Temporary Bridge Movable Span (1.2 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Erie Canal Lift Bridges Historic Towerless Lift Bridges and How They Work (5.3 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Indoor / Outdoor Tennis Stadium Caja Magica in Madrid (2 MB)

Adobe Acrobat PDF file    Temporary Bridge Construction with an Acrow Lift Bridge (2.1 MB)

20th Biennial Movable Bridge Symposium

October 7-10, 2024

New Orleans , LA