9th Symposium - Adams Mark Resort, Daytona Beach, FL October 22, 2002 - October 24, 2002


Milwaukee’s New Knapp Street Towerless Veritcal Lift Bridge (8.9 MB)

Dr. J. A. Waldell’s Contributions to Vertical Lift Bridge Design (9.6 MB)

Movable Versus Fixed: Wittpenn Bridge Replacement (6.2 MB)

Design and Construction of the Tomlinson Vertical Lift Bridge (6.6 MB)

An Over View of Washington State’s Floating Concrete Pontoon Bridges (30 MB)

That’s a Vertical Left Bridge? Where are the Towers? (642 KB)

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Bascule Span (4.8 MB)

The History and Future of the City Waterway Lift Bridge (14 MB)

Royal Park Bridge Replacement: Emergency Signature Bascule Bridge (7.6 MB)

Vertical Lift Bridge Rehabilitation (4.2 MB)

Health Motoring of the Retractable Roof of Safeco Field (7 MB)

Deferred Maintenance and Its Effect on Movable Bridges (7 MB)

Failure and Quick Recovery of Movable Bridge on the Acela Line (2.6 MB)

Precision Survey of Bolt Hole Locations for Miller Rails Using Laser Tracking (251 KB)

Cost Control on Bascule Bridge Construction; A Partnering Experience (7.2 MB)

Chicago’s Movable Bridges Maintenance, Operations and Capital Rehabilitation Studies (12 MB)

Strain Gage Monitoring for Lower Chord Replacement at Marine Parkway Bridge (3.4 MB)

Retrofit of the Christa McAuliffe Bridge (2.8 MB)

Rehabilitation of the Little Current Swing Bridge Highway 6 at Manitoulin Island, Ontario (11 MB)

Heat Straigthening Repairs for a Bascule Bridge (2.2 MB)

Astor Bridge Rehabilitation (139 KB)

A Case Study for the Application of Spherical Roller Bearings for Bascule Bridge Applications (621 KB)

Historical Rock Island Swing Span Gets New Treads After 106 Years of Service (631 KB)

Advances in the Design of Coupled Mechanical-Structural Systems (8.3 MB)

Installation and Handling of Large Bore Element Bearings in Movable Structures (3.7 MB)

A Study of Gremlins (12 MB)

Parametric Analysis and Ultimate Testing of Bascule Trunnion Assemblies (3.6 MB)

Emergency Counterweight Sheave Trunnion Replacement at NS Bridge CD182.30 (4.4 MB)

Machinery Rehabilitation for Main Street Bridge, Daytona Beach, Florida (3.6 MB)

San Fransisco Cable Car Turntable Rehabilitation: The Little Swing Bridge (7.2 MB)

Alignment of the Machinery for Tower Drive Vertical Lift Bridges (3 MB)

Fatigue Life Extension of Main Counterweight Sheave Trunnions (6.9 MB)

Remote Monitoring of New and Existing Lift Bridgess (585 KB)

Load Sharing for Movable Bridge Motors and Drives (2.4 MB)

Eliminating Submarine Cable Use in Movable Bridge Electrical Systems (2.3 MB)

Computerized Simulation Optimizes Hydraulic Drive System (680 KB)

CEC: Ceramax Engineered Coatings (5.5 MB)

Environmentally Preferable Lubricants and Fuels in Movable Structures (2.6 MB)

Guangong Hainan Railway Corridor Qionghou Strait Train Ferry Project in South China (10 MB)