6th Symposium - DoubleTree Resort Surfside, Clearwater Beach, FL October 30, 1996 - November 1, 1996


Guidelines for Selecting Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Movable Structures (1.6 MB)

Guidelines for Selecting Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Movable Structures (2.5 MB)

Rehabilitation of the Dorset Avenue Bridge over Inside Thorofare, Ventnor City, Atlantic County, New Jersey (1.8 MB)

Case History 8th Street Bascule Bridge (3.8 MB)

E.D. Sawyer’s Legacy: Barrier Gate Rehabilitation (3.9 MB)

Span Lock Failure: A Case Study (4.9 MB)

Use of Temporary Acrow Panel Lift Bridge at the Tomlinson Bridge Project in New Haven, Connecticut (736 KB)

First Avenue South Bascule Bridge, Seattle, Washington (3 MB)

Aerial Bridge Emergency Counterweight Sheave Assemble Repairs (3.8 MB)

Emergency Repair of a 7 Million Pound Swing Span (I-Street Bridge Center Bearing Repairs) (7.1 MB)

Controlling Proportional Valve Amplifier Cards: Methods and Practice (1.4 MB)

Strain Gage Bridge Balancing with a New Twist (104 KB)

Understanding Thruster Technology and Performance Benefits (1.5 MB)

New Anti-Fretting Wear Test for Greases (9.8 MB)

Exodermic Bridge Deck on Bascule Bridges (2.2 MB)

Libby Street Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada (7.4 MB)

The Temporary Bridge of 17th Street Causeway (4.5 MB)

Bascule Bridges: Functionality, Elegance and Durability (15 MB)

The Replacement of the Ocean Avenue Bascule Bridge (14 MB)

Economical and Functional Steel Details (1.9 MB)

Rehabilitation of a Bascule Bridge Without Interruption of Marine or Vehicular Traffic (6.2 MB)

Rehabilitation of the Stratford Avenue Bridge Over the Yellowmill Channel (2.2 MB)

Drive System Replacement of the Tarpon Docks Bridge (1.8 MB)

Hydraulic Drive System for Bascule Bridges (5.6 MB)

Hydraulic Slewing Drives for the Coleman Swing Span Bridge (2.9 MB)

Design Considerations for Bridge Hydraulics (5.8 MB)

Hydraulic Lifting System for SR 520 Bridge, Seattle, Washington (1.9 MB)

Unique Moving Bridge on the A29 Motorway, LeHavre, France (5.1 MB)

Hydraulic Systems for Movable Bridges: Seminar Lesson Plan (14 MB)

Flux Vector Drive Application on a Movable Bridge (5.7 MB)

A Comparison of the 1988 AASHTO Electrical Requirements and the National Electric Code (2.5 MB)

Torque Characteristics of Wound-Rotor Motors, Revisited (1.3 MB)

Logistical Considerations of Submarine Cable Installations (64 KB)

A Century of Progress with Scherzer Rolling Lift Bascule Bridges, Historical Development of Movable Bridges, Part II (4.7 MB)

The Selection and Evolution of the Chicago Type Trunnion Bascule Bridge, Historical Development of Movable Bridges, Part III (2.1 MB)

Ford Island Bridge, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (763 KB)

The George P. Coleman Bridge Reconstruction, Yorktown, Virginia (1.1 MB)

Development of a “Manual for Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Movable Bridges” (1.2 MB)

Overcoating Sixteen Interstate Bridges in Kentucky for Less Than $1.50 per Square Foot (558 KB)

Construction and Collapse of An Early Cable-Stayed Bridge with a Movable Span (1.1 MB)

106th Street Bascule Bridge: Emergency Repairs (592 KB)

Aesthetic Engineering: A Unique Solution for a Signature Bascule Bridge (1.9 MB)

New Design Features and Guidelines for Hydraulic Cylinders (407 KB)