1st Symposium - Florida State Conference Center, Talahassee, FL November 4, 1985 - November 5, 1985

Session A: Electric Motors and Devices

Movable Bridge Electrification (256 KB)

Why Use Adjustable Frequency Control for Movable Bridge Drives (657 KB)

Torque Characteristics of Wound Rotor Motors Used in Bridge Drive Systems (295 KB)

Direct Current Bridge Drives (798 KB)

Microprocessor Controlled DC Adjustable Speed Drives for Movable Highway Bridges (176 KB)

Application Considerations for Adjustable Voltage AC SCR Movable Bridge Drives (510 KB)

Automated Movable Bridge Drives (371 KB)

Session B: Machinery and Mechanisms

A Perspective from the Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing of Movable Bridge Components (226 KB)

Comparison of AGMA and AASHTO Gear Ratings (133 KB)

The Columbus Drive Bascule Bridge and Recommended Modifications to AASHTO Movable Bridge Specifications Related to Stress Concentrations in Keyways (319 KB)

Air Motors for Emergency Span Operation (178 KB)

AGMA Requirements for Movable Bridge Speed Reducers (178 KB)

Bascule Bridge Locking Devices (487 KB)

Session C: Structural

Protection of Steel Members in Existing Movable Bridge Structures (646 KB)

Single Leaf Bascule Span on SR 40 at Astor, Florida (725 KB)

Repair of Counterweight Trunnions on a Strauss Bascule Bridge (366 KB)

New River Bridge, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (217 KB)

Hood Canal Bridge, A Floating Lift Draw Bridge (429 KB)

Proposed Concrete Swing Bridge (406 KB)

Session D: Hydraulic Systems

Advantages of Hydraulics for Movable Bridges (1 MB)

Hydraulic Systems for Movable Bridges (434 KB)

The Development of the Hydraulic Systems Designed from 1985 to the State of the Art Hydraulic Systems of Today (1 MB)

Miami Avenue Over the Miami River (342 KB)

Design Features of a Unique Swing Bridge Hydraulic and Control System (1 MB)

Application of Hydroviscous Drives to Movable Bridges (800 KB)

Session F: Design Criteria and Codes

AASHTO Design Criteria Applied to Machinery Bascule Bridges (233 KB)

AASHTO Design Criteria Applied to Hydraulic Bascule Bridges (260 KB)

Session G: Maintenance and Recordkeeping

Rehabilitation of a Scherzer Bascule Bridge (109 KB)

Rehabilitation of a Scherzer Bascule Bridge Mechanical-Electrical Systems (88 KB)

Maintainability of a Movable Bridge (2.1 MB)

Nondestructive Testing in a Bridge Maintenance Program (355 KB)

Maintenance Procedures for Electrical Controls on Movable Bridges (329 KB)

Paper Trail from Inspection to Repair (334 KB)

Session H: Bridge Control and Systems

Microprocessor Controlled DC Adjustable Speed Drives for Movable Highway Bridges (183 KB)

Application of Programmable Controllers for Automated Bridge Control (583 KB)

Programmable Controller Communications to Remote I/O, An Alternative to Communications Conductors in Submarine Cable? (222 KB)

Overview of Bridge Control Systems Past, Present and Future (433 KB)

Design Considerations for Improved Operational Performance (336 KB)

Drawbridge Control as a Total System Design (1.2 MB)

Session J: Preventative Maintenance and Data Logging

Balancing of Trunnion-Type Bascule Bridges (1.1 MB)

A Computerized Predictive Maintenance Program (899 KB)

The Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance Program at Florida Power & Light Company’s St. Lucie Nuclear Units 1 & 2 (222 KB)

Preventative Maintenance Trends in the Electric Utility Industry (733 KB)