3rd Symposium - St. Petersburg Hilton & Towers, St. Petersburg, FL November 12, 1990 - November 15, 1990

Volume #1

Mechanical Automatic Program Control for Low Velocity Machinery (176 KB)

Balancing of Movable Bridges by the Strain Gauge Technique (427 KB)

The Design of Drive Systems for Vertical Lift (435 KB)

Electrical Cable of the Submarine Type (219 KB)

Static Dissipation Lightning Protection for Movable Bridges (470 KB)

Ruggedize or Rust Bridge Submarine Cables (242 KB)

From Drum Switches to Microprocessors: A Case History (635 KB)

Concrete Swing Bridge Construction Report (320 KB)

Bonneville Lock and Dam Concrete Swing Bridge (430 KB)

Comparison of Two Electrohydraulic Drives (195 KB)

Lessons Learned from Marine Accidents with Movable Bridges (250 KB)

Criteria for the Design of Bridge Fender Systems (272 KB)

Design Features of a Unique Swing Bridge Hydraulic and Control System (476 KB)

Emergency Pier Replacement at Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge (246 KB)

Vessel Collision Design of Movable Bridges (260 KB)


Volume #2

Recommendations for Temporary & Permanent Installations of Bridge Navigation Lights and Reflective Material (168 KB)

Classification of Structural Systems; Retractable Roofs for Stadia (544 KB)

FEA of Movable, Deployable Roofs & Bridges (563 KB)

Structural & Construction Features Burlington Northern RR Vertical Lift Bridge 5.1 Over the Willamette, River in Portland, Oregon (205 KB)

Replacement of the Pequonnock (Peck) River RR Bridge & Bridgeport Viaduct in Bridgeport, Connecticut (362 KB)

Major Rehabilitation of Jefferson and Jackson Street Movable Bridges (416 KB)

A Proposed Scope for Movable Highway Bridge Machinery Inspection (588 KB)

Standardizing Mechanical Inspections of Movable Bridges (188 KB)

Strain Gauge Testing of Movable Bridge Brakes (364 KB)

Development of a Prototype Remote Vibrational Monitoring System for Bridges (430 KB)

New Developments in Hydraulic Cylinder Concept (218 KB)

Steel Grid Research (150 KB)

Using Airbags to Reposition a Damaged Rolling Lift Bascule (371 KB)

Operational Tests of Swing Span with Multiple Independent Span Drives (489 KB)

The Need for Single Failure Proof Design for the Movable Structures (735 KB)


Volume #3

Lock Systems and Lock Gate Systems (728 KB)

Seabreeze Bridge Emergency Repairs (406 KB)

Two New Hydraulic Systems for Florida Bridges (245 KB)

Replace Electrical Torque Control Drive System with an Automatic Hydraulic Speed Control System (444 KB)

Mezelet Dam: Turkey (508 KB)

..Centenarian…Sea Lock/North Baltic Sea Canal (1003 KB)

Improved Braking for Movable Bridges with Hydraulic Driver Mechanisms (456 KB)

Bascule Bridge Over the Oste at Geverdorf (357 KB)

Ship-Lifting Devices; An Explanation of Types (1.3 MB)

Martinsvile Hydoelectric Power: Fast Draft Tube Gate (222 KB)

Self-Destruction of a Strauss Bascule Bridge (379 KB)

Gritty Grease Can Cause Big Problems (293 KB)

Design Criteria for Shafts and Open Gearing on Movable Bridges (396 KB)

Salvaging Large Gears by Non-Standard Re-Cutting (453 KB)

Anti-Friction Bearings as Used on Movable Bridges (257 KB)


Volume #4

Adapting the Proposed AASHTO Controlled Shot Peening Specification to Movable Bridges (147 KB)

Bascule Bridge Activated by a Cable System (244 KB)

Torque Won’t Discover ‘Loose’ Bolts (717 KB)

State of the Art Mechanical Gear Systems (513 KB)

Bolted Connections for Machinery; A Case Study (614 KB)

Cost and Time Savings Through Shop Assembly of Movable Bridge Components Traditionally Field Assembled (278 KB)

Rehabilitation of Two Railroad Swing Bridges for Amtrak (348 KB)

Rehabilitation of Three 70 Yr. Old Bascule Bridges (662 KB)

State Street Bascule Bridge: A Single Leaf Span over the Root River in Racine, Wis. (627 KB)

Replacement and Rehabilitation of Three Four-Leaf Bascule Spans (1.1 MB)

Who Resolves the Problems?: A Resident Engineer’s Viewpoint (169 KB)

The Shop Drawing Process: Who is Communicating with Whom? (1.3 MB)

The Danziger Vertical Lift Bridge (560 KB)

Rehabilitation of the Saga Bridge (295 KB)

A Four Lane Lift Bridge (380 KB)

Mechanical and Electrical Systems Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge at Portland (610 KB)

In-House Reconstruction of the One Hundred Year Old Carroll Street Bridge (2.2 MB)