8th Symposium - Grosvenor Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL November 8, 2000 - November 10, 2000


Exodermic Bridge Deck on Movable Bridges: A Project Update (5.3 MB)

Existing Movable Bridges Utilizing Orthotropic Bridge Decks (10 MB)

Design-build of a Temporary Bascule Bridge With Steel Piers (5.3 MB)

Rehabilitation of the State Route 103 Bridge / Movable Dam 5 over the Mowhawk River (5.2 MB)

New Bascule Bridge Center Locks (1.7 MB)

Full-Scale Testing of Trunnion Hub Girder Assemblies of Bascule Bridges (5.2 MB)

Coupling Specifications for Heavy Equipment (4.5 MB)

Bascule Bridge Machinery Design Review: An Owner’s Perspective (1.9 MB)

Alignment of Movable Bridge Components (2.4 MB)

Digital Data Acquisition for Strain Gage Bridge Balancing (3 MB)

Stone Harbor Bridge: Emergency Mechanical Repairs (2 MB)

Safety in Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting Systems (8 MB)

Environmentally Friendly Fluids for Successful Hydraulic Systems Operation (6.6 MB)

Automation Systems for Locks and Dams Operating in Germany (15 MB)

Frame Mounted Hydrostatic Drive System for the Whitehair Bridge (5.8 MB)

Fail-Safe Control Systems for Heavy Movable Structures (6.1 MB)

Factors to Consider When Developing an Electrical System Design Philosophy for a Movable Bridge Project (3 MB)

Replacement of an Electrical Relay Based Control System and Distribution System to an Electric Control System with PLC and Solid State Drive Controllers on a Railroad / Highway Swing Span (1.3 MB)

17th Street Causeway Bridge: A Construction Update (4.7 MB)

The New Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Design (2.9 MB)

East Washington Avenue Bridge (4.7 MB)

The Design and Construction of the Ninth Street Vertical Lift Bridge in Brooklyn (4.5 MB)

Irondequiot Bay Outlet Bridge: Not Just Another Pretty Fascia (4.1 MB)

Suez Canal Bridge at El Ferdan (1.8 MB)

Design Considerations for Replacement of Two Historic AMTRAK Movable Bridges (4.6 MB)

Movable Bridge Type Selection (3.8 MB)

U.S. Coast Guard’s Bridge Administration Program (1.5 MB)

Innovative Design Solutions to Meet Client Requirements on a Movable Bridge Rehabilitation (11 MB)

Teams Tackles Complex BNSF Span Rehab (10 MB)

The Effects of Balance, Friction and Control Sequencing on Span Skew and Seating During Lift Span Operation (3 MB)

Maintaining the Course of a Rehabilitation Under a Changing Scope of Services (3.5 MB)

Lubrication Practices for Heavy Movable Bridges (7 MB)

Replacement of the Counterweight Ropes and Sheaves on the Rio Guaiba Bridge, Porto Alegre, Brazil (2.6 MB)

Cushionloks: An Overview After Five Years Successful Service (428 KB)

Electrical and Mechanical Rehabilitation of the Conrail Calumet River Vertical Lift Bridge (242 KB)