2nd Symposium - Tradewinds Resort, St. Petersburg, FL November 10, 1987 - November 12, 1987

Session A: The European Experience

Moving Bridges (212 KB)

Comparison of Mechanical and Hydraulic Drive Systems (161 KB)

Shuaiba Maqal Road Bridge (186 KB)

Designing and Executing Hydraulic Powerpacks (289 KB)

The Hydraulic Cylinder: Functions, Motor, Structural, etc. (828 KB)

Oil Hydruilic Drive System on the Herrenbrueche in Luebeck (439 KB)

Bascule Bridges at the Berendrecht Lock in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium (632 KB)

Bascule Bridge “Stade” (122 KB)

Movable Bridges in Belgium (616 KB)

Shatt-Al-Basrah Bridge A Swing Bridge with a Hydraulic Drive (168 KB)

The Drives on the moving bridges at the Krüackau, Pinnau and Stör Barriers (1.2 MB)

The Scharnebeck Shiplift (279 KB)


Session B: Controls, Instrumentation, Communications & Electrical Drive Systems

Rehabilitation of the Control System for the Twin Bascule Bridges at Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana (168 KB)

Low Tech Control System for Swing Span Bridges (380 KB)

Data Acquisition System for Movable Bridges (615 KB)

Aerospace Technology Brought Down to Earth: Tilt Sensors Monitor Bridges for Critical Movement (283 KB)

A Computerized Predictive Maintenance Program on a Trunnion Type Bascule Bridge (435 KB)

Lightning Surge Supression Fundementals and Application (1.3 MB)

Properties and Applications of Electric Linear Actuators (379 KB)

Considerations for Maintenance for Movable Bridges. Why should I Protect My Investment (350 KB)

Using VFD Technology to Improve Drawbridge Performance (228 KB)


Session C: Mechanical Systems-Hydraulics & Mechanisms

Trunnion Bascule Bridge Static Stabilizing Systems (415 KB)

State of the Art Hydraulic Systems for Movable Bridges (270 KB)

Recommended Revisions to Unit Stresses in Machinery Parts (367 KB)

Inspection and Approval of Hydraulic Drive Machinery (1.8 MB)

Operation and Maintenance of Hoisting Equipment for Flood Gates for Locks and Dams (700 KB)

Field Welding for Bridge Rehabilitation (283 KB)

Low Speed: High Torque Fluid Motor Drive for Movable Bridges (768 KB)

Recommendations for Temporary and Permanent Installations of Bridge Navigation Lights and Reflective Materials (871 KB)

Machinery Bases: Chemical Dependency (514 KB)

Failure Analysis of High Strength Bolt’s Loss of Tension on Two Movable Bridges (1.2 MB)


Session D: Structures-Design & Maintenance

Lightweight Bridge & Sidewalk Decking, New Products, New Designs, New Test Findings (830 KB)

An Advanced Concept in the Design of Large Unorthodox Structures (379 KB)

Case Study: Substitution of Exodermic Deck for Concrete Filled Grid on a Vertical Lift Highway Bridge (366 KB)

Abnormal Movement of Bascule Bridges (403 KB)

Navigation Locks on the Mississippi (291 KB)

An Update on Evaluation Techniques and Repair Materials for Concrete Bridge Structures (310 KB)

The Columbus Drive Bascule Bridge (583 KB)

Hydraulic Cylinder Drives for Existing Movable Bridges (669 KB)

Renovation of the Duluth Aerial Bridge (483 KB)

Corrosion Mechanisms in the Deterioration of Exposed Bridge Steel (235 KB)

Use and Misuse of Galvanized Structural Bolts (244 KB)


Session E: Construction Controls-Methods, Scheduling & Cost

Rehabilitation of a Railroad Swing Bridge Under Traffic (289 KB)

Bascule Bridge Delay Claims-Problems and Recommendations (25 KB)

Construction Control: A Method of Determining Traffic Alternatives (368 KB)

Planning and Scheduling for Project Control (and Avoidance of Claims) (290 KB)

U.S. Army and Marine Corps Development Programs for Assault and Tactical Bridges (888 KB)

Inspection Manuals for Movable Bridges (316 KB)

Contract Estimating System (158 KB)

Connecticut Movable Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation Program (628 KB)

Claims: Image from an Owner’s Point of View (67 KB)

Left Handed Bidding (129 KB)

Construction Contracts: Median Bid (13 KB)

Summary of ASME CIM Lecture (10 KB)


Session F: Liability & Loss Prevention

Seminar (1.5 MB)