7th Symposium - Grosvenor Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL November 4, 1998 - November 6, 1998


Suez Canal Swing Bridge (2.1 MB)

Seismic Performance of Movable Bridges (1.1 MB)

Better Electrical Documents Allow Quicker Construction and Fewer Claims (4 MB)

Rehabilitation of the 1st Avenue South Bascule Bridge (2.5 MB)

Hydraulic Drive Solution for the Popps Ferry Bridge (3 MB)

Technical Aspects of Control Houses on Movable Bridges (1.3 MB)

Wire Rope Replacement at Broadway Bridge (6 MB)

Conversion of a Railroad, Center Pivot Swing Span to Rim Bearing Under Traffic (3.5 MB)

Rehabilitation of a Railroad Swing Span Under $800,000 (1.6 MB)

Load Sharing of Vertical Lift Machinery (3.6 MB)

Coating Systems for Marine and Immersion Applications (916 KB)

Hydraulic System for a Large Movable Bridge (2.6 MB)

Hydraulic Drives for Bridges Considering the New DIN Standard 19704 (2.4 MB)

Design of Optimized Seals for Leak Free hydraulic Cylinders for Movable Bridges (2.8 MB)

Development of the Movable Bridge Balance Program (1.9 MB)

AC Motors Replace Hydraulics and DC Motors for Heavy Structures (3.6 MB)

A Structurally Efficient and Aesthetic Bascule Leaf Design for the 17th Street Causeway Bridge (7.1 MB)

A Quickly Deployable Emergency Bridge Lift System (2.2 MB)

Single Leaf: Integral Trunnion Bridge (3.6 MB)

The Use and Abuse of Bypass Switches (2.2 MB)

Movable Bridge Rehabilitation in Florida: Four Case Studies (4.9 MB)

Replacement of the Ocean Avenue (SR 804) Bascule Bridge (14 MB)

An Overview of NCHRP 12-44-Proposed Recommended Specifications for Movable Highway Bridges (4.9 MB)

The Rehabilitation of the Arthur Kill Lift Bridge (1.9 MB)

Rejuvenating Movable Bridges (2.8 MB)

Applications of Bearings in Heavy Movable Structures (1.6 MB)

Bearing the Bascule: Erasmus Bridge (2.8 MB)

Replacement of a Conmbined Pneumatic/Electric Control System with an All-Electric PLC Control System (1.4 MB)

Applications of Hydraulic Jacks to Move Structures Including Heavy Movable Structures (2.1 MB)

Repairs to Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge (1.7 MB)

The Evolution, Analysis, Design and Construction of the Bascule Pier for the 17th Street Causeway Bridge (6.1 MB)

Transient Lightning Protection of Outdoor Measurement and Control Circuits (2.6 MB)

Inspection/Testing of Structural Steel and Machinery Components (3 MB)

Aerial Cables/Droop Cables (1.5 MB)

USCG Bridge Administration Program (1.4 MB)

Mechanical Codes and Standards for Movable Bridges (375 KB)